We offer advice and direction with respect to estate planning and in particular how your estate will be handled in the event of death. In preparing a will, you are able to provide more certainty and clarity to your loved ones as to your final wishes. You able to set out clearly who will administer your estate and who will receive portions of your estate as beneficiaries. We also offer advice in regards to more complex situations (ie. blended families, dependents with disabilities, trust provisions) and how effective and detailed estate planning can help avoid situations of conflict, unnecessary tax consequences or financial hardships for any affected beneficiaries.

Living Will Documents – Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive

Too often there is a misconception that having a will in place is all you need. What happens if you become mentally incapacitated and unable to make financial and health care decisions for yourself? Living will documents – the Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive allow you to appoint representatives to deal with your financial affairs and health care matters in the event that you are unable to do so. Without these documents in place, your loved ones are potentially looking at months to submit applications to the courts with high legal fees. Don’t make that mistake – call us today to get these documents in place!

Probate Applications

When you pass away, your Executor or loved ones may be required to apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate if there is/are asset(s) held in your name alone and cannot otherwise be transferred. What is Probate? This is the number one question our office receives almost daily. Probate is a grant that is issued by the Alberta Surrogate Court stating that a person has the authority to deal with an estate. This allows the Court to confirm the validity of your Will and officially appoint your Executor or Personal Representative to facilitate the transfer of your real and personal property on behalf of your estate. We help you navigate the complicated forms and court process to obtain the Grant for Probate at a reasonable cost. Not sure if the Will you are administering requires probate? Call us today and we can provide you with some direction and advice.