Purchasing Property: House, Condominium or Bare Land

When you are purchasing a residential property, either as a first-time home buyer or a sophisticated investor or anywhere in between, we are here to facilitate all aspects of your transaction. Whether it is dealing with banks/lenders, mortgage brokers or realtors, we are here to keep you informed and guide you through each step of the process. Our highly-experienced staff and practitioners will attend to:

  • preparation of purchase contracts (where required) and reviewing each and every contract in depth
  • communicating with your realtor (if utilized) and lender to ensure our office receives required documents
  • preparing all required legal documentation including but not limited to statements of adjustments, mortgage documentation, transfer of land, and required statutory declarations
  • conveyancing (transferring the property from the seller into your name)
  • meeting with clients to sign and explain the various documentation required to close the purchase and review of the process
  • closing adjustments and transferring your cash to close to the sellers lawyers once received to ensure keys are released in a timely manner
Also upon request our office is also able to:
  • reviewing condominium by-laws and documents
  • review new home construction documents
  • review existing leases on the property
  • prepare leases if you plan to rent the property