Are you looking to incorporate your own business? Our team can assist you in providing you with sound legal advice on corporate structure, shareholdings, corporate liability and any other related matters to incorporating a new company. We offer preparation of articles of incorporation for filing at corporate registries, minute book creation and re-creation including bylaws and share certificates and ensuring all of you proper corporate documents are in order. In addition Chestermere Law is able to act as the corporate registered office to deal with all correspondence and filings as required and be the formal records office to house your minute book and ensure it is up to date. While we know starting a new business venture is not without it’s challenges, we are motivated to help you meet those challenges and grow your business into a successful opportunity.

Shareholder’s Agreements

If you are currently a shareholder or looking into becoming a shareholder in a corporation with another party, we offer legal advice and direction on navigating shareholder agreements. Often overlooked at the initial stages of incorporation, shareholder agreements offer protection, certainty and accountability for all shareholders. Existing corporations can benefit from having their shareholder relationships more accurately defined in the event of corporate growth or restructuring. Our goal is to see our corporate clients reach their optimal potential, please call us today for a free consultation!

Share Purchase/Sale and Asset Purchase/Sale Agreements

Are you looking to buy into a corporation or sell your shares/assets in a corporation? Our office is here to help you each and every step of the way. We can prepare agreements, work directly with your accountant to ensure all tax implications are reviewed and complete the transaction is a smooth fashion ensuring your interests are protected.