Getting ready to sell your home? From the initial stages of thinking about selling to when you accept an offer, we offer our expertise in guiding you through that process. We work very closely with realtors (if utilized) to make sure that your sale will go smoothly and without too many issues. No realtor… no problem! With respect to sales we often assist our clients in:

  • preparation of agreements for sale of property if no realtor is utilized
  • reviewing the sale agreement drafted with your realtor for any foreseeable issues that could come up on closing
  • reviewing the Real Property Report and providing our knowledge in relation to obtaining city compliance or any potential issues that may arise
  • receiving cash to close from the purchaser’s lawyer prior to releasing keys to the purchaser
  • attending to the payout of the mortgage(s) on title (if any)
  • depositing sale proceeds into your account in a timely fashion (for most transactions this will be the same day the transaction closes)
  • following up and communicating with the purchaser’s solicitor to ensure that all documents are complete and ready for submission to the Land Titles Office